The Laws of Suffering

10 Feb
  • All around us, people are suffering, and making others suffer.
  • Immaturity causes a great deal of suffering. Rest is caused by lack of scruples.
  • Immaturity is almost as hard to cure as lack of scruples.
  • Few people are interested in anything other than their own troubles.
  • Hierarchy of suffering is decided mostly by the importance one places on it; it is uncorrelated with actual suffering.
  • More mature shoulder the burdens of the less mature, sometimes willingly.
  • Absolute levels of well-being [or ability, looks, resources] have less to do with happiness than comparative levels
  • Comparison mostly reduces happiness, rarely does it increase it, even when positive.
  • People are inadequately motivated to be happy.
  • A great many people have the dough for happiness, but never bake the cake.