Compliments of Goji

“You certainly have a keen literary sensibility… and you write beautifully yourself.”
Bapsi Sidhwa commenting on the review of “City of Sin and Splendour.”

“Thanks for that essay … which was beautifully written.”
Saira Wasim commenting on an article on Contemporary Art.

“…I wish I was capable of holding so many levels and details of argument in my head and maintaining the balance among them.”
Paul Sniderman on an essay.

“… a real contribution to the literature.”
Ed Haertel on Guessing and Forgetting: A Latent Class Model for Measuring Learning

“This is the most important paper I’ve read in a while.”
Gabriel Lenz on The Parties in our Heads: Misperceptions About Party Composition and Their Consequences

“This is an outstanding paper, and I don’t often say that of manuscripts that I review. Well-written and chock full of carefully designed survey experiments.”
An anonymous reviewer commenting on The Parties in our Heads: Misperceptions About Party Composition and Their Consequences

“The paper is extremely well written …”
Anonymous reviewer on Motivated Learning or Motivated Responding? Using Incentives to Distinguish Between the Two Processes

“Very clever work — I like the combination of the two databases and analyses (including the hand-checking of 100 sampled at random).”
Donald Green on Propagation of Error

“I deeply admire your commitment to use knowledge generated through the social sciences for the betterment of society. ” — Ed Haertel, who is an inspiration to me and many others in how he conducts himself in life. There is no better feeling than hearing a good word from people you admire.

“Very elegant and nicely done.  I like the writing a lot.” — Jon Krosnick on The Face of Crime in Prime Time.

“You are very missed…” — ex-colleague.

Thank you so much for all the conversations, giving me the inspiration and the support throughout! Thanks everyone for being such a delight to work with!” — a colleague.