Creative Writing

  • “Suppose (for the sake of clarity rather than reality)” — from the market for lemons by George Akerlof
  • “I think online dating is the single biggest ‘Rip van Winkle’ effect in the last decade.” — Benedict Evans
  • “Life is short, “The Idiot” long.” — David Remnick
  • No stone unthrown, Encyclopedic viciousness. — Joe Queenan accuses Kitty Kelley of those sins in his review of Kelley’s book on Nancy Reagan.
  • “About as original as a Xerox machine.” — Hindustan Times
  • “Cracked pistachio green walls…” — Urvashi Butalia describing her uncle’s house in Lahore in the story, Ranamama
  • “Bombay is a crowd.” — Naipaul in India: A Million Mutinies Now
  • “India’s next general election was likely to return not a Lok Sabha, a house of the people, but a Vansh Sabha, a house of dynasty.” — Patrick French writing about the problem of very few young people without family connections winning Lok Sabha elections in India: A Portrait